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Some words from John Campbell on the recent passing of Ray Brownson. 1926 - 2022

Ray Brownson sadly died on the 14th August 2022, he will be missed by all that knew him.


He was a solid supporter of my video work and a reliable friend, always willing to help . His video interest 


was based on him sending accounts of what he was doing each month to his son, Peter, in Australia. He 


worked on Casablanca, and was in his element when assisting in joint tasks like the Beamish car rally 


shoot. I see him as a supporter, rather than an innovator, doing sound editing work, he tended to be wary of


technology. Helped me with my chroma key work, but would not risk that on his own.


He was a true Englishman, for the Union, did not like the EEC, loved his country, was a believer in hard 


work, did not like easy handouts, strong sense of self help, if you can do it yourself, do so, but at the same 


time supported a lot of charities. He was generous with financial support, where he saw a real need.


Enjoyed travel, in his Citroen car, member of English Heritage, National Trust, had good friends in USA,


who often holidayed with him in England and Ireland and in the USA on exchange visits.

Some people could see him at times as a niggle, but this was his belief in high standards.

Miss his debating and conversation.

John Campbell

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